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5 ways to cheer yourself up

Do you want to lift your spirits and improve your well-being? Exercise regularly!

Research shows that regular sports exercises help to overcome the stresses of everyday life by making the brain more plastic and resilient to external stimuli. Training has a positive effect on the health of the nervous system as a whole.

Many of you are familiar with the feeling of satisfaction and even euphoria after completing a workout or competition. It's all dopamine - the hormone of happiness. But it is important to know the measure - the load should correspond to your fitness level. Otherwise, the opposite effect will occur - excessive production of cortisol (stress hormone) and deterioration of physical and mental health.

To get the most out of your workouts, follow these simple rules:

⚡️ Train with friends. Friendly atmosphere creates a pleasant emotional background.

⚡️ Plan your workouts for the week ahead, taking into account free time and other circumstances. A flexible training schedule will help build sport into your life, and sticking to a plan will create a sense of accomplishment. This is especially important in an environment of uncertainty.

⚡️Stay flexible and ready to change everything. It is important that your workouts can adapt to changing conditions and still help you in reaching goals in the most uncertain circumstances.

⚡️ Vary your physical activity - running, cycling, yoga, strength training, etc. Trying something new, you will discover your hidden abilities. And at the same time develop the neural system of brain.

⚡️ Keep exercising regularly. Sports help you distance yourself from mindless reading of news feeds. A 5K run or 2 hour bike ride, 30 minutes of core and abs, 10 pushups or 1 minute plank is your best way to keep peace of mind. 

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