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320 km that changed you

The idea, of course, is not to convince you to ride 320 km exactly. And it certainly is not about riding them right “from your couch” tomorrow. God forbid!

The idea is different: your possibilities are much greater than they seem. Achieving the “impossible” is quite simple — you need to desire to change something.

We are used to living in a “bubble”. Living according to usual patterns. To run our usual routes. To ride at our usual speed. And don’t dream big. As the saying goes, “that’s fine as it is”. But let’s be honest: we are often amazed by the achievements of others.

Someone ran 60 km in 4 hours — WOW⚡️
A friend swam across Gibraltar — no way! ⚡️
Another one ran a 10-day Marathon des Sables in the Sahara — oh my!⚡️
An acquaintance rode 1400 km in 42 hours and slept only for 40 minutes — what a beast ⚡️
The other one did Full Ironman in 10 hours — cripes!⚡
Friends rode the TransAlp and did not give up — yowzers!⚡️

OMY! Sports is made up of people like that. And we know for sure — all of this is achievable for most people.

Those who made it happen believe in achieving what others see as impossible. What is it? Bravery and stupidity? Overconfidence? Too much self-esteem? Inadequate ambitions? Adventurism?

Most of these people are not professionals of the world of sports. All of them are yesterday’s party-goers, office monkeys, housewives, top-managers and other ordinary people who “suddenly” realized that they are capable of doing something more.

They all started with running 30 minutes at 7 min / km and reached their own “Everest”. Of course it took some time, but obviously they enjoyed the process — there is no other way.

Few people could sanely set themselves the goal of “making a full Ironman of 10 hours” or “swimming the English Channel” at the very beginning. It would be crazy. But the process of training, discovering new opportunities, communicating with other “spacey people “ — all of this gave them confidence in achieving the goal.

Yes, everyone has their own Everest. You don’t have to run across the Sahara or drive the TransAlp. It may be better to run a half marathon, participate in a 120 km cycling race, or do an Olympic distance in a triathlon — each to his own.

The main thing is to get some air into the lungs and believe that it is possible.

And yes, looking back, don’t be too surprised by seeing the difference in who you were and who you became 🚀