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Pavel Sivakov is back to winning at Vuelta Burgos 🎉

Last week, the famous Spanish cycling race Vuelta Burgos took place. The winner was Pavel Sivakov from the English team INEOS Grenadiers, a former Russian cyclist who is now competing under the French flag.

Pavel is a good friend of our OMY! Sports team. We asked him a few questions after the race and we hope you enjoy a look behind the scenes of professional cycling.

Hi Pasha! Congratulations on winning the Vuelta Burgos! How was the race? What are your impressions?

“The race went well. Very satisfied. My last victory was three years ago in 2019 on the Tour of Poland, so this achievement is special for me. Gradually, self-confidence returns. The atmosphere was very supportive, the team helped me achieve results. I think this is a team’s victory. The race went steadily from stage to stage, on the third day I managed to break away 40 km before the finish line and pick up the leader’s jersey. It gave me confidence and I was able to hold the lead until the end.”

Did you expect to win? In what mood did you come to the competition?

“Previous race went well, finished second in the classic San Sebastian classics. I arrived in Burgos with a confident attitude and in good physical shape. I knew that there was a chance to win, but I can never be sure in advance. This is cycling — high risk, strong rivals, and unpredictable circumstances. And after a long series of failures, confidence is a little lost. Step by step I try to grow it in myself again.”

Tell us about your preparation. Where did you train? How was the training going?

“It’s been 2 months since the last competition, so I could only test my strength in training. I held a training camp at altitude in Andorra with the team. At the beginning of the training cycle, the focus was on volume, closer to the races began to add intense interval work, which went on increasing. Most of the work was in the “second zone” of intensity, then worked on FTP (functional threshold power). By the way, you at OMY! Sports has some great workouts on FTP development. Highly recommend it to all amateurs.”

Thank you! How is your usual day?

“The day goes by quite simply: get up at 07:00/07:30, then breakfast, which I adjust to workouts. If the workout is intense, then I focus on carbohydrates, if the intensity is low, then I reduce the amount of carbohydrates, and add healthy fats and protein to maintain optimal energy balance. After breakfast I do pre-workout activation exercises with bands, then I go out for 4–6 hours depending on the plan. The rest of the day I recover: nutrition, massage, bath, rest, and compression pants. Eat, Sleep, Cycle, Repeat!”

Interesting. What are your plans for the season?

“The 2022 season is gradually coming to an end, there are several important races left, but which ones — is not known. If the team makes a choice in my favor, then I will go to the multi-day Vuelta in Spain. After that, I would like to focus on one-day events — Lombardy in Italy, the World Cup in Australia, if I get into the French team”.

Can you give some advice to sports fans?

“Of course! The regularity and consistency of your training are very important. Take your time to see instant progress, listen to the coach, trust your program and everything will come. Another important tip: pay attention to nutrition before, during, and after training, especially in endurance sports. This affects recovery, performance, and adaptation to the training process.”

Thank you, Pasha! We wish you good luck 🍀

OMY! Sports Team