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Are you running? Cycling is a great idea for you!

Running injures the muscles, ligaments and joints of the legs. This is a bad advertisement for running, but it is a fact. You will only run faster if you give your muscles sufficient recovery. These are rest days between intense workouts, skilful combination of stress and recovery weeks, sleep more than 8 hours a day, quality nutrition, stretching, vitamins.

Everyone knows about it, but few do it. If we start training we do it full gas without stops, pauses and breaks. Running slowly isn’t cool. You can’t post it on Strava or Facebook. Each workout must be faster and longer than the previous one. And of course, not a day without running, as long as you have power. In general, the more the gesture, the better.

Every novice runner is pumped up to get progress quickly but does everything to prevent this from happening. C’est la vie 🤷‍♂️

What can be practically done about it? All you need is a good coach who is convenient to work with, whom you can afford price-wise and who is available 24/7. Empirical data shows that training with coach increases your chances to achieve the goal by 40% 🚀.

Your coach must have ideas how to channel your excessive energy into the right direction. Adding cycling to the running routine is the one!

Cycling workouts (instead of junk running miles) are just Top! You will get new impressions and allow tired muscles to recover and strengthen. And most importantly, thanks to cycling you will finally start to run faster.

While riding a bike we use large leg muscles and heart. With this, your joints, tendons and ligaments can finally rest. Cycling workouts are usually longer (than running) and the health benefits are significant even with 1–2 rides per week.

By cycling, you suffer less and mostly enjoy the surroundings. New tracks and impressions, rides with friends, coffee rides ☕️ — there are plenty of advantages.

Cycling training can be done in almost any weather — in summer on the road bike, in spring and autumn in parks and forests on MTB or CX. In snowy winters, with the appropriate equipment, you can safely ride on MTB or Fat-bike.

You can even ride at home — get a smart trainer and pedal in Zwift or Rouvy. This will save your time, you can watch your favourite film, listen to an audio book or podcast or hang up a business call.

All together this adds new colors to your love of running and give incentive and motivation for progress.

The only downside of the bike is addiction. You run the risk of switching to cycling and giving up running. But that is another story!

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Sportfully yours,
OMY! Sports Team