Digital Coach in cycling
Individual training for your goals
24/7 live-chat with coach

Individual workouts based on goals, fitness and time available
Why choose us?
Training for your goals
Your plan is based on individual parameters: goals, fitness, time available
Adaptive approach
Your training plan syncs actual training results and updates future workouts
Your Coach 24/7
Talk to your coach in a live chat 24/7 across the world
What is inside?
Individual workouts
Get your weekly structured trainig plan based on individual parameters: FTP, available days, duration etc.
Live chat with coach
Talk to coach when you have something to say in live chat 24/7
Strava integrated
Link your Strava account, upload workouts and sync your plan and actual results.
Compatible with Zwift
Upload your workouts into Zwift and ride on a smart trainer
What you might get 🚀
Individual training effect
Don't waste time experimenting with training methods. Use proven ones that perform. Train individually and feel the difference.
Get answers when you have something to ask. Talk to our coaching and support team via live chat 24/7.
Goal achievement
Set and achieve new goals. We will back you up with training plan that will get you there.

Life changing experience
Cycling training is more than a training plan. It's a new experience, challenges and friends.Change your life for better.
How it works?
Start with Mobile App or Web App
Onboard & get your training plan
Go through 2-Minute Survey to get your individual training plan
Open your schedule and start training
Open your schedule, connect to Strava and start riding indoor or outdoor
Talk to coaching team 24/7
You have questions? Ask a coach in a live-chat 24/7
Price options
1 month
  • to start with
  • Individual plan
  • Chat with Coach 24/7
  • compatible to Zwift
  • 2-week trial
  • 3,90 Euro
Get started
6 months
  • "FTP+15%"
  • Individual plan
  • Chat with Coach 24/7
  • compatible to Zwift
  • 2-week trial
  • 18,90 Euro
Get started
12 months
  • "FTP+25%"
  • Individual plan
  • Chat with Coach 24/7
  • compatible to Zwift
  • 2-week trial
  • 34,90 Euro
Get started
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